what is cha-cha

図1Cha-cha is the name of the tea organization coordinated by Soshin Kawakami, for the study of tea ceremony. Cha-cha was established by Kawakami’s mother, professor of Urasenke School of Tea. Cha-cha teaches Bushi Sado (Chanoyu), the goal of which is to enhance the  strength of the individual and society, to enrich ones life while learning the secrets of one of the oldest  traditional Japanese arts.

Historical figures such as  Nobunaga Oda and Hideyoshi Toyotomi, as well as  key figures in the modern business world such as Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic and considered by many to be a  “god of management” and Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera have all taken into  account the importance of tea ceremony as a key to their success. The tea ceremony was invaluable to the Bushi, warriors who, in a bowl of tea, could experience the power of the moment, enabling them to  fight battles and defeat their enemies.

In recent years, Sado has also come to be considered an art to  be mastered by women to enhance their grace and etiquette. Many statesmen and businessmen who attended our Sado classes have enjoyed success in their  lives because they have acquired the Bushi spirit; in our modern and competitive world they fight every day to achieve success. Soshin Kawakami  wants to help such individuals to find peace of mind and meaning in life through the practice of tea ceremony.



Distinguishing features of Cha-cha 


  • Tea ceremony classes for men only (in foreign classes women are accepted)
  • To master the Bushi spirit necessary for statesman, businessmen and other professionals to succeed in life
  • Smaller group classes to learn the art of Chanoyu (tea ceremony).
  • Enhancement of communication skills  through the mastering of tea ceremony
  • Achieve a peaceful mind as antidote to the stress of everyday life
  • Learn the importance of seasons. Seasonality and the changing of the seasons are important in tea ceremony. For each season there are variations in the themes performed and utensils and other equipment used
  • Acquire a free mind. Free yourself from the stress of working environments, enjoying the experience of equality in the tea house while performing the ceremony with  participants from all walks of life.
  • You can attend any class in Tokyo, Chiba and Saga.
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