図3Bushi Tea Ceremony Classes

At present there are classes in Tokyo, Chiba, Kyoto and Saga for statesmen and businessmen. These classes have witnessed an extraordinary success in terms of number of participants. Ideal for executives wishing  to succeed in their enterprises, fulfill their dreams and acquire the strength of mind needed to overcome difficulties and obstacles. Bushi tea ceremony offers the way to achieve all that. Other participants join simply to acquire a more peaceful mind, create an atmosphere of serene tranquility to detach themselves from the clamor and bustle of the big city.


Tokyo classes:

  • Youth Education National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
  • Every third Tuesday from 13:00 to 17:00


Chiba classes:

  • Mihama-en, Makuhari, Chiba.


Special class for visiting foreign businessmen and businesswomen

This is a one-time class. Students will learn how Japanese traditional tea ceremony and ancient Bushi values are two sides of the same coin. You will also learn how the tea ceremony spirit and customs are interconnected with the present business world in Japan. Classes will be held in English.

  • Place: Edo Sakura, at Tea ceremony room (see:
  • Date and time:  25th, Feb,25th, March, 22nd April 2017 13:00~16:00
  • Fee: 5000 yen including GST/each person.
  • Up to 5 participants


In addition:

Our school is willing to visit your company’s office in Tokyo and Chiba for planning and organizing courses in line with client`s needs.


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