Tea Ceremony at Indian Embassy

Bring peace and happiness with Japanese Tea


Hello, Everyone!

I am Mako, Japanese tea master.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have learned a lot in a quiet and rustic tea room that stands in nature.

  Today, we are far from coexistence with nature because we are materially biased and pursue the value of productivity.

  The spirit of the tea ceremony is summarized in the words “Wakei Seijaku”.
“Wa” means not only facing people, but also harmoniously merging with all things in the same dimension, including yourself,
and “respect” means respecting and gratitude for all things in nature.
“Qing” means keeping the mind, body and environment clean, and “loneliness” represents a mind that does not move.
Since ancient times, the Japanese have practiced through the tea ceremony to acquire the correct behavior and the spirit of “Wakei Seijaku.”

  Japanese Bushido is to be careful, do the right thing, and live in good faith with love.
One of the trainings for that is the tea ceremony. 

  Everyone is equal in the tea room.
Everyone enjoys it calmly.

The master who serves tea is close to each person’s heart and the tea is made with all her heart and soul.
In the process, you will get to know the depths of your heart (subconscious).
The people there and their hearts are united (collective unconscious), and everyone feels at ease.
Then, we will go deeper into the dimension of being one with the super-consciousness (Something Great).

  Tea Ceremony, a means of honing one’s spirit, is as solemn and relaxed as Noh dance.
It is a Zen teaching that “if you shape your figure, your heart will naturally fit.”
Learn from both sides, “from shape to heart, from heart to shape.”
With the help of Aiwa and gratitude, you and others will be fused with the universe.

  My life’s motive is to spread the love and gratitude of the spirit of the tea ceremony to the world and bring happiness and peace.

Holding tea party for peaceful atmosphere

I am happy to hold tea party for you.

Everyone who enters the tea room becomes equal.

The tea has power to connect people.

Whenever I hold tea party, I try my best to create a peaceful atmosphere and make everyone  feel calm, peaceful and friendly.


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